Sasha Ronaghi

Hi! My name is Sasha Ronaghi and I’m from Irvine, CA. I am a member of the Class of 2024 at Stanford and planning to study Materials Science and Engineering and Computer Science. In high school, I was lucky enough to participate in research at UC Irvine. I designed a hydrophobic and breathable wound dressing (under Prof. Michelle Khine) and a bacterial metabolite sensing method using Raman spectroscopy (under Prof. Allon Hochbaum). These experiences motivated my interest in biomaterials; after my time at Stanford, I hope to have a grasp of how materials are used to enhance and understand biological systems and how biological systems inspire the design of new materials. I am excited to be working towards this goal at Professor Hong’s lab. My project is on the design and fabrication of a minimally invasive photovoltaic material for neural stimulation. I enjoy learning materials fabrication and characterization techniques as well as how to design materials with considerations of the brain environment. Outside of classes and research, I enjoy watching stand-up comedy, trying new restaurants, and going to the beach.