Nick Rommelfanger

Research and Work Experience:

  • BS in Physics from University of California, Santa Barbara (2019). PI: Paolo Luzzatto-Fegiz

Research Interests:

  • RF and microwave neuroengineering

About me:

Hey! I’m Nick, and I’m a second year Ph.D. student in the Applied Physics department. My work in the Hong Lab is focused on developing new neuromodulation techniques using microwaves. I’m originally from the Los Angeles area, and I received my undergraduate degree in physics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. UCSB not only provided me with a great education in physics, but also the chance to enjoy the beautiful Santa Barbara area for four years. In general, when I’m not working in lab, I love spending time outdoors. In particular, I like to hike, run (especially on trails), and surf. When I have time, I enjoy taking on more challenging adventures, like running marathons and hiking in the Sierra Nevada.

I’m a relatively new researcher in the field of neurotechnology. During my first couple years of high school, I thought I might be interested in studying biotechnology in college, because of the exciting experiments we had done in my biology class. However, I changed my mind when I realized how much I enjoyed solving problems in my first physics class, and I dove into physics for the next five or six years. I worked on several physics and engineering projects in undergrad, ranging from studying the aggregation tendencies of clay particles (our experiment ran on the International Space Station!) to characterizing the performance of far-infrared detectors for future NASA missions. My research path thus far has certainly been less direct than some of my colleagues, but I find that things I’ve learned from previous projects frequently come up in my current research, even though I’m working in a new field. I’m excited to return to some of my original scientific interests and apply the skills I’ve gained as a physicist to solve problems in neurotechnology.