Kenneth Brinson

Research and Work Experience:
  • BS in Chemical Engineering at USMA (2019) PI:  Dr. Enoch Nagelli. 

Research Interests:
  • Neural sensing and stimulation as well as the more complete integration of biology and devices.

About me:

I am currently a second year MD/PhD student in the materials science department. I am originally from Kennesaw Ga and am enjoying my first extended stint on the West Coast.  The Hong Lab has been a great opportunity for me to grow as a researcher in a supportive and welcoming environment. I am interested in neural stimulation and recording with an added desire to use the knowledge I am learning in my medical school classes to bring new and interesting approaches and applications of neurotechnology. My goal is to find ways to augment natural biologically beneficial processes and correct maladaptive neural circuits and neural biology/biochemistry with the application of neurotechnology. Outside of the lab I enjoy reading, watching TV, and working out.