Joseph Zhang

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Hi! I’m Joseph Zhang, unofficially the youngest member of the Hong group at the moment, I think? I’m a sophomore undergrad hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, and yes, I think that being from the South is a personality trait. My mom’s Korean, and my dad’s Chinese, so our household has quite the interesting language interaction. Currently, I’m the acting Recruiting Director for Stanford Archery, and I shoot barebow when I’m on the range. I also row on Stanford’s Dragonboat Team and dance on the Common Origins hip-hop team in my free time. I am a firm proponent of the belief that milk should come before cereal, and recently, I’ve been a staunch supporter of strawberry cream cheese on bagels (don’t tell the rowing team). I love composing pop and EDM mashups of artists such as Taylor Swift and The Chainsmokers, but sometimes I spend my free time listening to Post-Modern Jukebox, a jazz cover crew. I am extremely humbled to be part of this lab, and I have definitely enjoyed my time here. Scientific curiosity and questioning are pretty fun topics to dive into, and if you think I’m somewhat crazy, I can wholeheartedly assure you that I actually am.