John Bailey

Hey y’all! My name is John Bailey. I am a member of the class of 2023 here at Stanford. I’m from Raleigh, NC, and I’m studying EE and Symbolic Systems. I originally was interested in studying Public Policy at Stanford, but as I read books on my rooftop back home (back in my edgy teen phase) I would gaze in awe of the night sky and begin to ponder big questions. I was amazed at how despite being unfathomably far from them and unfathomably small compared to them, I could understand them and make predictions about them. These nights are what led me to pursue the sciences.

Taking MATSCI384 with Professor Hong and Nick in the fall really crystallized my interest in neurotechnology. The way they were able to take the queen of complex systems, the human brain, and show using physical first principles how we could elucidate its function and augment its capabilities changed everything for me. I don’t think it is hyperbole to say inventing novel neurotechnologies will be the defining scientific and engineering challenge of the next century, and I want to be a part of that.

Finding new ways to modulate the brain without sticking big metal rods through one’s skull or putting them through a taxing surgery is a tricky task. One of the coolest things about Professor Hong’s lab is that here everyone is thinking about very different but very incredible ways of doing so — from utilizing acoustics to flexible mesh electronics to microwaves!

Beyond research and classes, I serve as the class president for the class of 2023 here at Stanford. I love to play spikeball, soccer, frisbee, and run, and am planning to be an all-frosh dorm RA this upcoming year. If you ever want to go for a hike, talk brains, or swap books reccs, hit me up!