Jack Bartley

Hey everyone! My name is Jack Bartley, and I’m a rising junior here at Stanford. I grew up in Berkeley, CA, and after coming here for college, I haven’t left the bay much. Super excited to be returning to campus and get my hands dirty with some cool neurotech research. I’m majoring in Materials Science and Engineering, and I work in the Hong Lab fabricating and characterizing the electrophysiology of nanodevices used for certain neurological therapeutics.
My interest in the Hong lab is both personal and academic: I find it exhilarating to be able to combine my interests in materials science and neuroscience, which can be used to make meaningful advances in medicine. Having three grandparents with Alzheimer’s, neurological disorders have always hit close to home, and I exciting to help in medical research in the Hong lab.
Outside of school, I’m an avid mountain biker, chef, and foodie. If you ever want to hike the dish, bike around campus, or explore Bay Area restaurants, I’m your guy!