Han Cui

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About me:

I wish there was a eureka moment when I decided to get into engineering. Instead, my interest in engineering originates from my parents. My father was a lecturer in architecture. My mother was an accountant in a public hospital. I think the most valuable thing my parents taught me was how hard work, resilience, and passion were keys to personal success. In addition, thanks to my father, I was introduced to his computer (an old desktop running Windows 98), which helped me to expand my horizons in science and engineering when I was young.

However, I think my first true encounter with engineering was when I was in high school. I teamed up with my friends to participate in an engineering project, which was to design a tricycle powered by gravitational energy. Even though it was a very simple project, I got my first real taste of engineering by working on this project, and I think this experience is one of the reasons why I declared engineering in my college applications.

I was born and raised in Jinan, China (which is often called the “Spring City” for its famous 72 artesian springs). Outside of lab, I usually enjoy watching Japanese TV Drama (I have learned Japanese for three years in college and I don’t need the subtitles). I am also a foodie person, and I like to cook for myself or explore new restaurants/ cuisines during my free time.

Besides, I am a big fan of civil aviation (since 4th grade), and I enjoy plane spotting and flight simulation. You can probably find me with my camera at the Bayfront Park next to SFO when the weather is good.


Book: The Tale of Genji, Movie: Your Name, Show: The Big Bang Theory; Reply 1997 Music: J-Pop (Kenshi Yonezu) Food: Steak; Seafood Ramen Drink: Cold Brew Activity: Cooking; Hiking 

What I look for in a scientist:

One who is passionate about one’s work. In addition, humbleness and willingness to support others around them