Grace Woods

Research and Work Experience:
  • B.S. with Highest Honors in Applied Physics from University of California, Santa Cruz (2017). PI: Professor Arthur Ramirez.

Research Interests:
  • Emergent phenomena, materials as tools and models for understanding systems neuroscience, decoding neurodegeneration.

About me:

Hi I’m Grace! I’m a native Californian and have been bouncing around the Bay (Bae) Area for all of my life (with the exception of living in Fayetteville, Arkansas for a summer REU during undergrad). I’m a first-generation college student and am the only scientist/engineer in my entire family, so I’m very passionate about improving the structure of post-secondary education so that nontraditional students have the agency to choose a career of their liking, regardless of circumstance. I’m very involved with equity and inclusion, both within the Hong group, my department, and the vice provost for graduate education (shout out to the EDGE program!).

I’m starting to refer to myself as a transdisciplinary optimist [Inspired by Professor Kording’s self-description] Stumbling into the world of math, science, and engineering during my undergraduate naturally led myself to a myriad of majors, from mechanical engineering, materials engineering, and, eventually, applied physics. The phrase “sitting on the shoulders of giants” rings true, today more than ever, and I believe that pushing the boundaries of knowledge requires collaboration between the best minds in seemingly disparate fields.

My primary hobby is brewing (enzymatically gluten-reduced) beer and I like to sneak in (camping, backpacking, traveling) trips when I can find the time. I also have two cats, Gus and Tallulah, who have been simultaneously supportive and distracting while I work from home.