Ali Mahdi

  • UC Santa Barbara, Chemistry, B.S. (2019)

Research Interests:

  • Bioelectronics, Neuromorphic devices, Nanofabrication

About me:

I’m a PhD student in the Materials Science and Engineering department and I research bioelectronics. I’m a first-generation student and had no idea what research was when I was younger. I became very interested in science during my freshman year at UCSB while I was taking some chemistry and physics courses. My professors would talk about the research being done at my school and it sparked my curiosity. I had no idea what research was, but I was fascinated by the types of things that my professors were describing. After working in various research labs, I discovered that materials science and engineering interested me greatly. In particular, I thought that the idea of understanding a material’s structure to optimize its functionality was an incredibly powerful and fascinating idea. Using the knowledge of science that I was learning in my courses to solve complex, real-world problems was very rewarding to me, as well.