Listed below are the courses I am currently teaching as an assistant professor at Stanford University.

MATSCI 384: Materials Advances for Neurotechnology

The dichotomy between the material world and the mental world has driven the curiosity of scientists to explore the wonders of the brain, as well as motivated the continued innovations of novel technologies based on advances in materials science and engineering to understand the brain. This course introduces the basic principles of materials design and fabrication for probing the inner workings of the brain, discusses the fundamental challenges of state-of-the-art neurotechnologies, and explores the latest breakthroughs in materials-assisted neuroengineering. The course will cover the following topics: understanding of the nervous system from an engineering perspective, mechanical and biochemical requirements of neural interfacing materials, materials for electrical/magnetic/optical/biochemical/thermal/acoustic neural interfaces and other materials as contrast agents for neuroimaging. Students will be able to speak the languages of both materials science and neuroengineering and acquire the knowledge and skills to understand and address pressing neuroscience challenges with materials advances.

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