The Hong Neurotechnology Lab at Stanford University

Welcome to the uncharted world bridging materials and the mind

Our Research

We are developing new tools based on the latest materials advances to interface with the brain at the single-neuron level with minimum perturbation of the brain’s intrinsic properties and endogenous distribution of cells and molecules. Bio-compatible materials with unique electrical and optical properties offer immense opportunity for us to peek into the inner workings of the brain.


We are hiring! Please contact Prof. Hong ( if you were trained in neuroscience, electronics, acoustics, photonics, and/or animal experiments.

Our vision

The dichotomy between the material world and the mental world has driven the curiosity of scientists to explore the wonders of the brain, as well as motivated the continued innovations of novel technologies based on advances in materials science and engineering to understand the brain. Based on the beautiful campus of Stanford University, we are excited to apply the latest breakthroughs in physics, chemistry and materials science to elucidate the intricate structures, functions and dynamics of the brain with new tools developed in our lab! I earned my Ph.D. degree in chemistry from Stanford University and carried out my postdoctoral research at Harvard University. I am now an assistant professor of the Stanford Materials Science and Engineering Department and the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute.